Cancelling your Cell Phone contract

MTN customers can terminate their device contracts early. MTN allows customers to terminate their contracts early with a payment of modest termination fee. Whether you have a short term or long term contract, you can end your cellular contract prematurely under MTN certain conditions. Firstly you need to give a 20 days notice in writing… Read More »

Vodacom & MTN Data contract prices

Vodacom vs MTN Data contract price comparison.– Data contract price breakdown comparison between Vodacom  and MTN is based on products and services that are currently available on MTN and vodacom online stores. MTN’s My MTNChoice 10GB data contract for over a period of 24 months offers a 2GB Anytime data per month that is cheaper… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 256GB Specifications

Galaxy S22 Plus – What you need to know: Galaxy S22 plus boasts a screen size of 6.6-inch display and sufficient storage of 256GB and internal memory of 8GB RAM. The new S22 Plus replaces Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro that is out. Specification of Galaxy S22 Plus:- Operating system: Android v12 Display: 6.6-inch Storage: 256GB… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G specifications

Galaxy A33 5G specifications: Buy the new and the latest Samsung Galaxy A33 smartphone that boasts a 5G network and connectivity. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has an ambient edge camera bump and is water and dust resistance device. Galaxy A33 Rear triple camera features: 48MP+8MP+2MP depth sensor and the same macro lens as its counterpart.… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S22 256GB 8GB specifications and pricing

Galaxy A53 is the latest and the best Android phone of choice in 2022 to buy. Samsung Galaxy A53 is easy on battery that boasts 5000mAh that support 25W fast charging. Galaxy A53 boasts 5G network and connectivity, has ambient-edge camera bump, with rounded edges and a quadruple rear camera setup. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G… Read More »