Cancelling your Cell Phone contract

By | June 21, 2022

MTN customers can terminate their device contracts early.

MTN allows customers to terminate their contracts early with a payment of modest termination fee.
Whether you have a short term or long term contract, you can end your cellular contract prematurely under MTN certain conditions.

Firstly you need to give a 20 days notice in writing or record form such as email, telephone call giving your intention to cancel.
Mobile network will charge you reasonable cancellation fee, based on Consumer Protection Act(CPA)

Customers can call 135 from their MTN number to go through the process or send email to with cancellation request.

MTN contract cancellation breakdown
Item 18 months before expiry 12 months before expiry 6 months before expiry 3 months before expiry
Outstanding cost of the device R5,292 (R294 x 18) R3,528 (R294 x 12) R1,764 (R294 x 6) R882 (R294 x 3)
1-month’s subscription R429 R429 R429 R429
Outstanding out-of-bundle balance (payable in both cases) R0 R0 R0 R0
Settlement amount for cancellation R5,721 R3,957 R2,193 R1,311
Amount if remaining on contract R7,722 R5,148 R2,574 R1,287