mrpmobile plan

By | June 14, 2018

When you join mrpmobile you have freedom to choose a cellphone package that suit your needs, you get sim top up conveniently billed to your store card and get automatically topped up every month.

Choose your mrpmobile plan here:-

    1. Prepaid
      1. No monthly commitments
      2. Buy airtime on your store card, at any MRP Group store or a Cell C voucher
      3. Available at selected stores

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    2. Sim Top Up
      1. Conveniently billed to your store card
      2. Automatic airtime recharge every month
      3. Sound good? Find your nearest store now!

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    3. Contracts
      1. Latest deals
      2. Per second billing
      3. Automatic recharge every month

Visit your nearest store or visit online at and request for a sim top up deal NOW!